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Artist King Zachary's New Channel Features Warm Recordings Of Song His Originals Songs

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Zachary plays with his band Zion Trybe at Naomi Garden in Miami

The premiere of artist King Zachary's acoustic channel debuts Sunday December 12th with the original song When The Stars Shine from recent EP titled AWARE. The channel was inspired by the feedback of the fans and viewers of the home recorded video shared on Zack's instagram.

"This song dates back to a long solo tour I did early 2018. I went to Jamaica, West Virginia, Detroit, North and South Carolina, New York, New Jersey and California. I seen so much land and beautiful places, I experienced the different climates and temperatures, and I met beautiful people along the way." When The Stars Shine is reviews as one of the best vocal tracks of 2018 according to a collection of pronoun label executives.

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